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Stone Care Tips You Can Count On

Extend the life of your bathroom or kitchen tile flooring with tips from William Stone & Tile in Hubert, North Carolina. Our natural stone care and cleaning advice also applies to non-floor surfaces. 

Please visit links below for more information on caring for your stone: 

    Restoration & Repair Services

    Contact us today with a description of your project, or send pictures via text message or email of the issues you are having with your countertops, whether it is a chip, crack, or widening of the cooktop opening. This will help us get visual on your project, which in turn will help us to determine more precise solution.     

    • Chip Repairs

    • Crack Repairs

    • Resurfacing

    • Sealing

    • Scratch Removal

    • Stain Removal

    • Fallen Sinks


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