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We Are William Stone & Tile

William Stone & Tile has been a leading supplier of granite and quartz countertops for over 20 years. We supply granite to the residential, commercial, and builder markets with an excellent reputation backed by our customers and years of experience. We serve all of eastern North Carolina east of I95 from Raleigh to South Port.

In 2004, the company began fabrication operations of both natural and quartz surfaces. Founded on the ideals of Quality, Craftsmanship, and Service, William Stone & Tile has dominated over its rivals through its investments in fabrication and installation technology and innovation. A fully trained and highly skilled fabricator of all major quartz products, William Stone & Tile has expanded its capabilities from beyond the field of slab-based fabrication and installation, to large-scale commercial Stone & Tile services, specialty ultra large porcelain shower façade Heavy Glass shower doors. The company’s consistent business with the leading general contractors in the region is the basis for its continued growth, stability, and success in the construction market of tomorrow.

    Philosophy of Service

    At William Stone & Tile Inc., when we think of Service, we ask ourselves… How do I want to be treated as a Customer? What is important to me? It goes without saying that price and quality go hand and hand, but what makes us different beyond the price and quality? The answer is Service…Our service encompasses personalized customer Support, Speed, Accuracy, Quality, Respect, Consistency, and Accountability. At William Stone & Tile, we pride ourselves on being customer-focused, we will Take the time to listen to your needs as a customer and a person. We will provide clear and accurate expectations for your project arriving within the time frames promised & leaving our job site cleaner than it was when we arrived. Caring about our customers is the defining difference between us at William Stone & Tile and our competitors. This is our Philosophy of Service , this is our Commitment to you.

    Our experience gives us an edge over many suppliers in the market with better quality control and more competitive pricing. Our being in one place means our systems are all in place.
    A company is only as good as the people that make it up. We are family owned and operated. To help us keep our quality standards, all of our workers are William Stone & Tile employees. This assures that you receive the highest level of craftsmanship to maximize the beauty of your home. Your installer is a Master Craftsman. Our designers work directly with you or your customers to help pick out the best stone for their individual application. William Stone & Tile is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service and the quality of our products are second to none.